Coherence Therapy

The art & science of lasting change

for learning about Coherence Therapy and memory reconsolidation



In these streaming videos
of entire sessions of Coherence Therapy
conducted by co-originator Bruce Ecker, LMFT, life-ruling emotional learnings and schemas come into awareness, making them conscious targets of change.


Deep, lasting shifts then unfold through the memory reconsolida- tion process of profound unlearning.


Each video can be viewed with or without Bruce's voiceover commentaries, which map out the unfolding steps of the process of transformational change in nuanced detail, explaining how he is listening, thinking, and choosing what to do next.


A full transcript of each video is provided, including the commentaries and a concise overview of Coherence Therapy's principles, methodology, and use of memory reconsolidation.



In the clearest terms, and with humor and humanity, Bruce Ecker shows how Coherence Therapy blends the therapist's skills of emotional attunement and experiential process with the most advanced neuroscience of profound change—the findings of memory reconsolidation research —to enable therapists to produce transformational change with unprecedented consistency.


The presentation is vividly illustrated by numerous session videos of deep, intense, emotional work addressing a wide range of clients' symptoms, including depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, complicated grief, compulsive inaction, stage fright, severe complex attachment trauma, and eruptions of suppressed traumatic memory.


6 CEUs are available for USA licensed clinicians.

   Free videos and podcasts that illuminate many different aspects of how memory reconsolidation operates in psychotherapy in general and in Coherence Therapy in particular.
Bruce Ecker's 75-minute presentation for Trauma Summit 2022 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


A two-hour webinar created for EMDR practitioners.



Four demonstrations of Coherence Therapy

In this set of four cases of procrast- ination, therapists Sara K. Bridges, PhD and Bruce Ecker, LMFT elegantly carry out the process of Coherence Therapy to find the underlying, potent emotional learning maintaining each client's chronic, compulsive, costly procrastination, and then to guide the deep disconfirmation and unlearning of those long-ruling schemas, ending the procrastination.

After beholding the hidden depths of procrastination in these four cases, you'll never again think procrast- ination can be dispelled by teaching time-management skills!