Coherence Therapy

The art & science of lasting change

Coherence Therapy Practice Manual
Coherence Therapy Manuale Pratico
Thérapie de la Cohérence Manuel de Pratique
Kohärenztherapie Übungshandbuch und Ausbildungsleitlinien
Terapia koherencji – podręcznik i przewodnik szkoleniowy



See Table of Contents below.  This 93-page manual spells out many features of practice, principles, training exercises and troubleshooting guides that are not available in any other publication on Coherence Therapy.  It provides an extremely clear, thorough map of Coherence Therapy, including the therapist's internal process.

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Table of Contents


Key Features of Coherence Therapy
-The emotional truth of the symptom
-Symptom coherence
-Methodology of coherence therapy
-Strategy of coherence therapy
Discovery Experiences: Rapid Surfacing of Unconscious Emotional Schemas (Methodology Phase 1)
-Shortest path of discovery: How to utilize symptom coherence
-Therapist's orientation in discovery: Essential features
-Techniques of discovery
-Training exercises
How Emotional Realities Are Organized
-Core ordering: how unconscious constructs are organized
-Symptoms with and without functions
-The four forms of symptom coherence
Coherence Therapy for Depression
-Underlying emotional truth of depression: 3 types
-Case examples
Constructivism in Coherence Therapy
Integration Experiences: Inhabiting Emotional Truth
(Methodology Phase 2)

-How integration achieves true accessing
-How integration achieves the pivot into agency
-In-session techniques of integration
-Between-session tasks of integration
-Optimal final form of integration
Transformation Experiences: Dissolving Emotional Schemas
(Methodology Phase 3)

-Transformation concepts and methodology
-Techniques for finding contrary knowledge
-Guiding juxtaposition experiences
-Verifying transformational change
-Index of case examples of the sources of contrary knowing
Levels of Change, Types of Therapy
Dispelling Client Resistance in Coherence Therapy
-Conscious resistance: Techniques
-Unconscious resistance: Techniques
-Resistance to discovery experiences
-Resistance to integration experiences
-Resistance to transformation experiences
Coherence Therapy for Anxiety, Panic and Phobia
-Underlying emotional truth of anxiety/panic/phobia: 4 types
-Case examples
Coherence Therapy for Low Self-Worth
-Symptom coherence in low self-worth: Unconscious purposes requiring negative self-regard
-Strategy and procedure for low self-worth
-Case examples
-Pattern of unconscious constructs in low self-worth
Review of Techniques
Use of Client-Therapist Relationship in Coherence Therapy
-Four therapeutic effects of the client's relational experience of the therapist
-When to focus the work on client transference
-Techniques for utilizing transference
The Coherence Therapy Process Pattern
-How to maintain continual pro-symptom focus moment to moment
-How the therapist thinks, listens, selects what to respond to, and selects how to respond
Training Guide for the Coherence Therapy Learning Curve
-12 pages systematically covering the full range of therapists' learning issues and troubleshooting needs
Coherence Therapy with Couples and Families
What Limits the Rate of Change in Coherence Therapy?
Corroborating Research