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The art & science of lasting change

Our mission is to advance and apply knowledge of transformational change
that decisively ends psychological symptoms and sufferings,
through research, education and training.

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Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT, is co-originator of Coherence Therapy and coauthor
of Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation; the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual & Training Guide; and Depth Oriented Brief Therapy: How To Be Brief When You Were Trained To Be Deep and Vice Versa. Clarifying how transformational change takes place is the central theme of Bruce Ecker's clinical career, and he has contributed many innovations in concepts and methods of experiential psychotherapy. Since 2006 he has driven the clinical field's recognition of memory reconsolidation as the core process of transformational change and has developed the application of this brain research breakthrough to advancements in therapeutic effectiveness and psychotherapy integration. Bruce is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops internationally, has taught extensively in clinical graduate programs, and is in private practice near San Francisco, California.

Sara K. Bridges, PhD, is Associate Professor at the University of Memphis, former president of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 of the American Psychological Association), coeditor of the five-volume series Studies in Meaning, and author of the Coherence Therapy chapter in the 2016 graduate text, Contemporary Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, published by Sage. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, presents at conferences and workshops internationally, and has an extensive list of publications in constructivist psychology, sex and marital therapy, couple therapy, multicultural psychology and childhood education. She also has a distinguished record of awards for academic and community service, including the 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award of the University of Memphis.

Ecker and Bridges conduct clinical trainings internationally and are frequent presenters at major psychotherapy conferences.

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   Clinical training staff


        Sara K. Bridges, PhD
        Bruce Ecker, LMFT
        Paul Sibson, UKCP Registered
        Robin Ticic, HPP (Germany)






Robin Ticic


Robin Ticic, BA, HP Psychotherapy (Germany) is in private practice near Cologne, Germany, specializing in trauma therapy and for many years served as a psychologist for the Psychotraumatology Institute of the University of Cologne. She is a certified trainer of Coherence Therapy and conducts clinical workshops internationally. She is coauthor of Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation and author of the parenting guide How to Connect with Your Child, with extensive experience in parent counseling, courses and presentations, and has been honored for community service. More information about Robin is available here.




Laurel Hulley


Laurel Hulley, MA, is a co-originator of Coherence Therapy, co-founder of the Julia Morgan Middle School for Girls in Oakland, California, and co-author of the volumes Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation; the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual & Training Guide; Depth Oriented Brief Therapy: How To Be Brief When You Were Trained To Be Deep and Vice Versa; and the training manual that accompanies each session video in the Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation Video Demonstration and Training Series on this website.





Elise Kushner


Elise Kushner, HP Psychotherapy (Germany) lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as practitioner of Coherence Therapy, certified trainer of Coherence Coaching, systemic coach, and trainer in the areas of interpersonal communication, coaching competencies for leaders, and gender awareness. She has been a guest lecturer at the Furtwangen University. Elise has served as consultant for multiple authors in her areas of expertise. She is also a composer and choral director, with an academic degree in music.



Faith Curtin


Faith Curtin, MA, is an educator recently relocated to Houston, Texas after practicing psychotherapy in Melbourne, Australia. She develops training tools for Coherence Therapy practitioners, such as her guide to use of the overt statement. How we learn, how we structure knowledge, and therefore how we can best teach are among her areas of expertise. Faith's particular therapeutic interests include depression and suicidality, the interplay of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, and the interface between neuroscience and psychotherapy.






Paul Sibson


Paul Sibson, BA, UKCP Registered, is a psychotherapist in private practice in the Lake District, England.  He is the founder of EmbodiMind, a contributing author to the 2012 volume Unlocking the Emotional Brain, and lead author of "Remembering in Order to Forget" published in Therapy Today (2014).  His special interests include: how unresolved trauma limits our capacity for embodiment, and the potential of memory reconsolidation research findings to integrate the field of psychotherapy.  He lectures and presents professional workshops on a range of clinical topics, with particular emphasis on psychotherapy integration.  More information about Paul is available here.







Associate Instructors are independent regional proponents of Coherence Therapy
and/or memory reconsolidation who maintain a collaborative partnership
with the Coherence Psychology Institute.



Simon d'Orsogna


Simon d'Orsogna, Clinical MA Systemic Family Therapy, is a facilitator and therapist in Melbourne, with individual and organizational clients across Australia and Asia and services that include process consultancy and executive coaching. He facilitates Coherence Therapy peer-learning workshops in Australia and co-developed the four-part online training, "Theory and Practice of Coherence Therapy." Simon is a member of the original teaching staff for the Immunity to Change model in the HarvardX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and a member of the development team for the web-based Self-Therapy Journey, providing Internal Family Systems-based self help. More information about Simon is available here.


Michał Jasiński


Michał Jasiński, MA, is a licensed psychotherapist
and PhD candidate in Barcelona, Spain. He presents and teaches Coherence Therapy in Spain and Poland. His 2014 paper in the scientific journal Psychoterapia is the first published account of Coherence Therapy in Polish. He works with individuals, couples and families in the multilingual Hestía International Centre of Psycho-
therapy and in private practice. His special interests include constructivism, Personal Construct Psychology, and research and therapy addressing procrastination. More information about Michał is available here.



Sophie Côté


Sophie Côté, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice in Quebec City, Canada.  She is the president and co-founder of Momentum Psychology Inc., a clinic that teaches and provides neuroscience-oriented services (neurofeedback and Coherence Therapy).  She defended the first doctoral thesis in Canada on cybertherapy (cognitive mechanisms in the efficacy of in vivo and in virtuo exposure).  She is also the first francophone to be a certified advanced practitioner of Coherence Therapy, and is the translator of the French edition of the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual.  Her special interests include: anxiety conditions, self-worth issues, adaptation to medical conditions, and fertility issues.  Sophie presents workshops on the therapeutic reconsolidation process and conducts Coherence Therapy clinical activities in French and in English.


Pierre Cousineau


Pierre Cousineau, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Montreal, Canada, and has been practicing psychotherapy for over 40 years.  An advanced practitioner of schema therapy, he conducts workshops and supervises in Canada, France, Norway and Morocco, and he has integrated mindfulness and ACT as a means of regulating schemas.  He views the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process as a major breakthrough in defining a core process for significantly modifying schemas and in his long quest for understanding how deep change of emotional memory takes place.



Gail Noppe-Brandon


Gail Noppe-Brandon, LCSW, MPA, MA, is a clinician and narrative coach in private practice in New York City and a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Coherence Therapy.  Formerly a dean and professor of writing at NYU, Gail is a three-time Carnegie Foundation award winner for excellence in teaching; has assisted Bruce Ecker in training psychotherapists in NYC; teaches Coherence Therapy to individual clinicians; and includes it in all of her talks on Creating Coherent Narratives at institutes and conferences and in her courses for the National Association of Social Workers.  She is a Coherent Parenting contributor to the Institute website; has published several articles in The Neuropsycho- therapist that include Coherence Therapy as a core of her Narrative Reconstruction work; and with Robin Ticic co-authored a book chapter that introduced Coherence Therapy to German-speaking clinicians using one of Gail's cases.  For more information: