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Dyad Practicum (DP) consists of four 90-minute teleconference training sessions for two trainees, who conduct a Coherence Therapy session with each other in each meeting under the direct coaching of a Certified Trainer.


Each trainee experiences being the therapist twice and the client twice. This format is uniquely effective for learning the moment-to-moment process and flow of Coherence Therapy by experiencing it, both as the therapist and as the client.


Each DP meeting is recorded and playback is available via secure password to only the two trainees and the Institute's trainers and directors. Listening to one's DP sessions enhances learning significantly.






CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS:  You may cancel your enrollment in Dyad Practicum and receive a refund until 10 days prior to the first of the four scheduled meetings.  Your refund will be the tuition you paid minus a US$175 processing fee.  To cancel, send an email titled "Cancelling Dyad Practicum" to


CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT:  For a 6-hour Continuing Education certificate (USA licensees only), after completion of the Dyad Practicum there is a fee of US$40 that must be paid to R. Cassidy Seminars. Please see CE information below.


for participating in Dyad Practicum

Participation is only for mental health professionals or clinical graduate students who are familiar with the whole methodology of Coherence Therapy through reading the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual, or Unlocking the Emotional Brain, or Depth Oriented Brief Therapy, and through having at least several months experience using Coherence Therapy with clients. Dyad Practicum is not an introductory learning experience.

For example, you must already have a working understanding of:
•  defining the symptom picture with specificity
•  working non-counteractively to access existing material
•  working experientially
•  symptom-generating schemas (pro-symptom positions) and their main components

Requirements for graduate students:
•  Current enrollment in a graduate clinical or counseling program
•  Completion of a graduate course in Foundational Clinical Skills or Applied
    Clinical Skills (basic skills of empathic listening, emotional attunement,
    communication of accurate empathy, creating trust, creating a working
•  Having a setting in which you can use Coherence Therapy with current
    clients; a setting in which clients are seen under formal clinical


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  • •  We will contact you for scheduling and to provide a link for tuition payment as soon as a suitable dyad partner is available.  Your four DP sessions will typically be scheduled at two-week intervals.
•  If this is your first enrollment in the Coherence Therapy training program, after payment of tuition you will also receive a Welcome Packet with all needed information.
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Continuing Education Information

Dyad Practicum earns 6 hours of CE credit or clock hours.

CE provider is R. Cassidy Seminars, recognized by the licensing boards listed here.  For any questions regarding CE, please contact R. Cassidy Seminars using the contact information here.

In order to receive CE Certification, you must attend all 4 sessions of the Dyad Practicum and then submit a completed, online evaluation form to R. Cassidy Seminars after your last DP session using this link.  The fee of US$40 will be due at that time.
Learning objectives. By conducting practice sessions with the instructor's real-time coaching and then discussing the session, you will advance in your ability to--
1. Define and carry out Coherence Therapy's methods for the efficient discovery of the specific implicit (unconscious) emotional schemas maintaining the existence of a given presenting problem or symptom.
2. Define and carry out Coherence Therapy's methods for the integration of discovered emotional schemas into conscious, daily experience.
3. Define and carry out Coherence Therapy's methods for the transformational change of an integrated emotional schema, permanently ending that schema's production of the problem or symptom.
Training level is adjusted by the instructor to meet your current level of knowledge and skill with Coherence Therapy and may be introductory, intermediate or advanced.

Instructors are Certified Trainers of the Coherence Psychology Institute, LLC:
Sara K. Bridges PhD, Bruce Ecker LMFT, Hannah Emery PhD, Elise Kushner HPP (Germany), Michał Jasiński PhD, Paul Sibson UKPC Registered, and Robin Ticic, HPP (Germany).  The Institute's directors are Bruce Ecker LMFT and Sara K. Bridges PhD.

Cancellations and refunds. You may cancel your enrollment in Dyad Practicum and receive a refund until 10 days prior to the first of the four scheduled meetings.  Your refund will be the tuition you paid minus $175 processing fee.  To cancel, send an email titled "Cancelling Dyad Practicum" to
If you have special needs, questions or concerns, please communicate them to us by email to
For addressing grievances, please send an email to