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Tuition for one Assessment of Recorded Session: $385


The Assessment consists of a Certified Trainer carefully studying a video or audio recording (submitted electronically as a media file and accompanied by full transcript as a text file) of your session or session segments up to 50 minutes long, and then providing feedback to you in a 1-hour phone session. A written version of the Trainer's notes will be available to view in your Progress Record.


You will receive a call or email from a Trainer within one week of paying tuition to arrange for sending your recording and to schedule your feedback session.


Certification requires one Assessment of a full session that is found to demonstrate significant furthering of the process of Coherence Therapy and is free of any significant departures from the methodology.


You may also submit a recording consisting of clips from different sessions, but in that case the Assessment cannot be applied toward Certification.


CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS:  You may cancel your enrollment in Assessment of Recorded Session and receive a refund only prior to submitting any of the materials (recording or transcript).  Your refund will be the tuition you paid minus a US$100 processing fee.  To cancel, send an email titled "Cancelling Assessment of Recorded Session" to



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