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We at the Coherence Psychology Institute stand and kneel in solidarity with the Justice for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movements.

Racism is a tragic delusion of fundamental superiority.  The acting out of that delusion by inflicting persecution, violence, murder, or economic or political oppression is in our view a crime against humanity.  The anguish and outrage we feel for the agonies and terrors inflicted by racists on people of color is beyond what can be expressed in words.

Practitioners of Coherence Therapy should be ready to recognize, reveal, and address the deeply personal, internal trauma and toxic emotional learnings that individuals acquire under systemic racism, white supremacy and male dominance.

In a world of human decency and integrity, people are guided by feelings and attitudes of equality, respect, kindness, empathy, fairness, and togetherness with all people.

We commit ourselves to helping to cultivate that society—a society embodying the truth that every person is intrinsically worthy and inherently a full member of the human family.  We recognize the insidious role of unacknowledged and unearned privilege and believe that unceasing efforts of anti-racism are an undeniable imperative.

We support the quest for true equity for all groups who have been oppressed, and we affirm the necessity for full, meaningful reparations from the US government to Black Americans and First Nation Peoples.