August 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Here is a fresh update on new publications and videos as well as recent and coming events of the Coherence Psychology Institute around the world.

It's our mission to spread the most advanced, effective knowledge and methods of transformational change for use by psychotherapists, counselors, coaches and other facilitators of well-being.  To that end, all of our projects aim to promote understanding of emotional coherence and memory reconsolidation—the crucial ingredients, in our view, for deep, lasting, liberating change.

Best wishes to all,
Robin Ticic

Director of Training, Coherence Psychology Institute



News from the Coherence Psychology Institute



Manhattan Nov 7-8 Coherence Therapy workshop:
6th annual intensive with Sara K. Bridges & Bruce Ecker


Registration has opened, and Robin Ticic will be joining Sara and Bruce again this year!  Each day begins with a live demonstration session, then participants sharpen their skills by receiving individual coaching during two days of practice sessions in small groups.  Level: intermediate to advanced (not introductory). 12 hours CE credit for most USA clinical licenses.  For full information, click here.


New video course: "What's Really Going On Here?  How to Navigate Life Using the Hidden Intelligence of Our Emotional Brain"


This 13-part video course, created by Robin Ticic, Elise Kushner and Bruce Ecker, is designed for teachers, parents, members of the helping professions, as well as interested laypersons—in fact everyone who wants effective skills for relating to and helping others through thick and thin.  To see a video sampler on YouTube, click here.  For full info and ordering, click here.  Here's the blurb:

• Why do we do the things we do?
• What compels us to behave in ways we don't always like and have tried to

• How can we change such patterns, feel better about ourselves and improve our


Through real-life examples and colorful, playful animation, this multimedia course reveals fundamental answers to these crucial questions—answers that have immediate usefulness in both your personal life and your work life.

This course draws upon some of the most important discoveries about the brain and mind. You'll be learning and using advanced knowledge that is now reshaping how counselors and therapists understand and guide the process of change. The Coherence Psychology Institute is at the forefront of this historic shift.

With this cutting edge knowledge, you'll increase your satisfaction, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and skills as a friend, sibling, parent, co-worker, teacher, nurse or member of other helping professions.


International workshops


This year has seen a record number of workshops and presentations on Coherence Therapy and memory reconsolidation given around the world by our directors, trainers and associate instructors.  Locations include England, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, with more to come in Australia and England.  See full list here.


Foreign-language editions of Unlocking the Emotional Brain


We were informed just last week that a Korean edition of UEB is now in the works!  The Spanish edition was published last November (have a look), a German edition is scheduled for publication at the end of this year, and work is underway to create a French edition.  This rapid international uptake of UEB is a lovely recognition of its foundational significance and its transtheoretical and cross-cultural appeal.


New grad text with Coherence Therapy chapter


Published by Sage four months ago: Contemporary Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, a graduate text in which the chapter on Coherence Therapy by Sara K. Bridges is alongside a dozen other chapters on the major therapy systems of the clinical field.  Starting now, many grad students will have Coherence Therapy as a formative influence early in their clinical careers.


New articles rock the boat


A frontal challenge to the clinical field's conventional wisdom regarding therapy outcome is entertainingly offered by Bruce Ecker in "Psychotherapy's Mysterious Efficacy Ceiling:  Is Memory Reconsolidation the Breakthrough?"  It's quite a ride through eye-opening territory.  Published last month in The Neuropsychotherapist (full of great material—please consider subscribing to it!), this article is an edited transcript of a 2006 keynote address that was Bruce's landmark presentation on the critical importance of memory reconsolidation as the mechanism of transformational change in psychotherapy.

For a more technical account of many aspects of research and clinical application, clarifying numerous misconceptions, see "Memory Reconsolidation Understood and Misunderstood" by Bruce Ecker, published earlier this year in the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy.


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